[Solved] Which U.S. city was originally named Centralia?

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[Solved] Which U.S. city was originally named Centralia?

…1. Lincoln, Nebraska 2. Fargo, North Dakota 3. Minneapolis, Minnesota 4. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Fargo, North Dakota – Construction of the railroad tracks connecting the Great Lakes to the West Coast began in 1870. A small community of railroad engineers and surveyors employed by the Northern Pacific Railroad Company popped up where the railroad would cross the Red River. In 1871, a post office was established and named Centralia, but shortly after a railroad official said the town should be named Fargo for William G. Fargo, a financial backer of the railroad and a partner in the Wells-Fargo Express Company. On February 14, 1872, the U.S. Postal Service officially changed the name of the post office (and the town) to Fargo.:

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