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[Solved] Which two countries share South America’s deepest lake?

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[Solved] Which two countries share South America’s deepest lake?

…1. Ecuador and Peru 2. Bolivia and Chile 3. Argentina and Chile 4. Brazil and Venezuela

Argentina and Chile – The deepest lake in South America has two names: O’Higgins if you live in Chile and San Martin if you’re from Argentina. Located on the countries’ shared border, the lake’s maximum depth is 2,743 feet. However, that’s only about half that of the world’s deepest lake, Lake Baikal in Russia. Located 820 feet above sea level, O’Higgins/San Martin has eight arms, four of which lie on the Argentinean side and four on the Chilean side. The namesakes for the lake are both national independence heroes, who fought together and are known as the Liberators of America: Bernardo O’Higgins of Chile and José de San Martín of Argentina. The arms of the lake are also symbolically named after battles they fought in.:

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