[Solved] Where is this rock that resembles a church?

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[Solved] Where is this rock that resembles a church?

…1. Utah 2. Colorado 3. Arizona 4. New Mexico

Utah – Located near Utah’s once-active commune, “Home of the Truth,” Church Rock is an unusual, gumdrop-shaped rock formation near the city of Monticello. The rock’s nickname came from Marie Ogden’s utopian group, who had settled nearby in 1933. They had planned to hollow out the rock by hand and build a church chamber inside — a plan that proved slightly too ambitious. The most they managed to crack into the rock was an opening of about 16 feet by 24 feet, which ended up being the extent of the “church” of Church Rock. The utopian community didn’t last long afterward, and the settlement has since become a ghost town.:

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