[Solved] Where is the world’s largest meteor crater?

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[Solved] Where is the world’s largest meteor crater?

…1. Canada 2. South Africa 3. Russia 4. United States

South Africa – Earth is dotted with craters, evidence of steroids, comets, and meteorites that have struck the planet over its billions of years in existence. While many craters have eroded over time or have been filled with water, others continue to leave an impressive mark on the surface. The Vredefort Crater in South Africa is the world’s oldest crater and also the world’s largest — an astonishing 185 miles wide, or the length of more than 3,200 football fields. The crater was caused about two billion years ago by a meteor or asteroid that was between six and nine miles wide. The Vredefort Crater is special for one other reason, too: It’s one of the world’s few multiple-ringed impact craters.:

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