[Solved] Where does the memorial "The Eternal Flame of Peace" burn?

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[Solved] Where does the memorial “The Eternal Flame of Peace” burn?

…1. Iceland 2. Bhutan 3. Japan 4. Norway

Japan – First lit in Hiroshima, Japan, on August 1, 1964, the Flame of Peace has burned for more than five decades. With a pedestal designed by Tokyo University Professor Kenzo Tange, the base appears like two hands open to the sky. The monument is said to burn until nuclear weapons are abolished worldwide. It is the centerpiece of an annual relay through the villages and towns of Hiroshima that calls for the abolition of nuclear weapons and to encourage assistance for survivors. The light from the Flame of Peace is also often used to light other eventful flames, such as that of the 1994 Asian Games.:

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