[Solved] What kind of animal was the now extinct Dodo?

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What kind of animal was the now extinct Dodo? by insureinsurancelife

What kind of animal was the now extinct Dodo?

The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct species of flightless bird. Like many other island birds, they lost the power of flight because it was no advantage where they lived. Dodos were in the same family as the pigeon, and were endemic (only lived on) the island of Mauritius. The dodo is one of the first species known to have died because of humans, Dodos have been extinct since the late 17th century.

The history of the word ‘Dodo’ is not clear. Dutch admiral Wybrand van Warwijck discovered the island and the bird in 1598 during an expedition to Indonesia. He called the bird ‘walgvogel’, meaning “disgusting bird” because he disliked the taste of the meat. Four years later, the Dutch captain, Willem van Westsanen, used the word ‘Dodo’ for the first time.

The dodo was a large bird and weighed about 50 lb (23 kg). They had grey feathers and yellow feet. Their big hooked bill was a green/yellow color. It had short wings that were only stubs. They ate fruit, seeds and nuts. Portuguese sailors said that they saw the Dodos eating fish. They also ate rocks and stones which might have helped them digest food.

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