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[Solved] What country is called "Suomi" in its native language?

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[Solved] What country is called “Suomi” in its native language?

…1. Austria 2. Estonia 3. Czech Republic 4. Finland

Finland – Travel to Finland and you’ll hear most Finns proudly refer to their nation and language as Suomi (or the official longer form, Suomen Tasavalta). In fact, Finland wasn’t a name invented by the Finnish; instead, it likely comes from the Old English word “finna,” once used to describe Scandinavian people in general. The letter “f” didn’t even exist in the Finnish alphabet and was introduced through words borrowed from other languages. The origins of the name Suomi are unclear, but one hypothesis suggests that it comes from the word “suomma,” which translates to “swampland” and could relate to an ancient belief that the nation’s lakes were once swamps. :

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