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[Solved] How many faces are on a dodecahedron?

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[Solved] How many faces are on a dodecahedron?

…A dodecahedron has the distinction of being a 12-sided shape with a 12-letter name. The term “dodecahedron” comes from the Greek works “dodeka,” meaning 12, and “hedra,” meaning seat or base. Dodecahedrons have 12 pentagon-shaped faces. The dodecahedron is a three-dimensional shape that contains a dozen 5-sided flat faces. Dodecahedrons have edges and vertices. The edges are fairly self-explanatory; they’re the lines where two of the shapes meet. The vertices are the pointed bits where three or more of the faces come together. Every dodecahedron has identical faces, with 30 edges and 20 vertices. Source:


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