[Solved] Hatch, New Mexico, is famous for what vegetable?

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[Solved] Hatch, New Mexico, is famous for what vegetable?

…1. Shiitake mushrooms 2. Green chile peppers 3. Pumpkins 4. Artichokes

Green chile peppers – If you’re having Thanksgiving dinner in the town of Hatch, New Mexico, you’ll very likely find the town’s namesake chiles mixed into traditional dishes. This patch of the Rio Grande river valley is known for growing and harvesting the spicy-sweet peppers, which are often fire-roasted and added to everything from enchiladas to stews. Hatch chiles are an essential part of New Mexico food culture and are enjoyed all year-round — even McDonald’s in New Mexico has incorporated it into their cheeseburgers. But the chiles have become a particular highlight of Thanksgiving dinners, included in everything from corn puddings to stuffing to mashed potatoes. :

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