[Solved] 2. Famous among the famous: "Let them eat _____!"

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[Solved] 2. Famous among the famous: “Let them eat _____!”

…1. brussel sprouts
2. this beautiful puppy
3. my shorts
4. cake
Our dear Queen Marie-Antoinette, famously naive and pathetically ignorant! Okay, to be fair, she might have not actually said those words – in fact, she probably didn’t. But history being written by the winners, and the winners in this case being the revolutionaries, it seems that history wants Marie Antoinette to be a git… Thus it came to be told that, genuinely oblivious of the misery in which the French people lived under her husband King Louis XVI, this is all that the very young queen had to say to an advisor who informed their majesties that their people were starving. “They have no more bread? Let them eat cake!”.


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