Shoe Fit solution codechef

Shoe Match answer codechef You could have three sneakers of the identical measurement mendacity round. Every shoe is both a left shoe (represented utilizing 00) or a proper shoe (represented utilizing 11). Given AA, BB, CC, representing the knowledge for every shoe, discover out whether or not you’ll be able to exit now, carrying one left shoe and one proper … Read more

Chef and GCD solution codechef

Chef and GCD answer codechef Chef has two optimistic integers XX and YY. Now Chef desires to carry out some variety of operations (probably zero) on them. In every operation, Chef can select both XX or YY and increment it by 11. Discover the minimal variety of operations Chef must carry out so that there’s a optimistic integer strictly better than 11 which divides each XX and YY (In … Read more

XOR-ORED solution codechef

XOR-ORED resolution codechef Given an array AA of NN non-negative integers, you may select any non-negative integer XX and change each aspect AiAi with (Ai⊕X)(Ai⊕X) Right here, ⊕⊕ denotes the bitwise XOR operation. Utilizing the above operation precisely as soon as, your objective is to reduce the bitwise OR of the brand new array. In different phrases, discover XX such that (A1⊕X)∨⋯∨(AN⊕X)(A1⊕X)∨⋯∨(AN⊕X) is minimized, the place ∨∨ denotes the bitwise OR operation. Discover the worth of XX and the … Read more